What Is a Shoulder Press?

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A shoulder press is an exercise that stimulates the shoulders, but also utilizes the triceps while keeping the back straight and the stomach tight. Do a shoulder press properly with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

So a shoulder press is a exercise that is use to help stimulate your shoulders. Okay. Depending on how often you do it, how you do it and things like that, it's going to dictate what kind of results you get from it. Shoulder presses are always perform like so. We start here with our back straight, chest up. Okay. We want to keep our stomach tight. We're going to start with our elbows a little bit lower than ninety degrees, okay. Then from here, we're going to hold the dumbbells here, we want to press straight up, okay; squeezing our shoulders here, okay. Squeezing our triceps back here because you don't want just only use one muscle whenever you do an exercise. You always use more muscles; you have a primary muscles, the secondary. For this particular exercise, your primary is your shoulder; your secondary is going to be your triceps. So we're going to setup here like so with our back straight, chest up; we're going to keep our stomach tight; we're going to press up, okay; extending our arms all the way up, keeping our chubs down, keeping our stomach tight. While we're, while we're pressing up we're going to blow our air out, okay; then we're going to breath in while we come back down. Hold it here ninety degrees, hold if for about a second or two, push right back up into that shoulder press and then right back down.


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