What Is a Stationary Bike?

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A stationary bike is a piece of gym equipment that can provide a good cardiovascular workout while enabling the user to choose different terrains, difficulty levels and inclines. Learn about the benefits of stationary bikes with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

So, a stationary bike is any bike that if you ride it, it doesn't go anywhere. For the most part, most stationary bikes are going to be used for some kind of aerobic type of exercise or aerobic type benefit. So, you have different kind a... you have a cycling bike here that can be done you know in a class type setting if you're out in the gym or anything like that you have other bikes on gym main floors that are done for just different kinds of cardiovascular benefits, fat burning benefits and things like that so for the most part your stationary bikes come either through here where they're straight up like so or you can have a recumbent bike where you're actually sitting down and your feet are up and your feet are pedaling. A good thing about that is you can pedal as fast as you want and you don't go anywhere. So, sometimes when you're on a real bike try to pedal so fast, you're going somewhere and you know, you have different terrains, right. You have uphill; you have downhill and stuff like that. When you're on a stationary bike, you don't have those different things, you know that are sometimes cause resistance. Now, you can add that resistance on because you know for the most part some of them are going to have different levels, different kinds of adjustments that you can make to average distance on different kinds of programs that they're going to have on it, so as far as what a stationary bike is, it's going to be a bike that when you pedal on it, you can pedal on it as fast as you want, but you don't have to worry about it going anywhere.


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