How to Run the 40-Yard Dash Faster

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To run the 40-yard dash faster, begin a resistance training regime, stretch the body well and create lean, long muscles that encourage faster speeds. Train for the 40-yard dash a few months before the race with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

So the training around the 40 yard dash faster. As far as, like with anything, you're going to have to train in order to do that. Now your training regimen is going to consist of a lot of resistance training, different kind of plow metric exercises and also speed and agility things. As far as resistance training and stuff like that, you're going to want to do things that are going to help with your legs; maybe not as heavy because if you have more muscles that's going to slow you down a little bit. But you are going to want to work on your explosiveness. So maybe box jumps, lunge jumps, step ups, you know, anything like that is going to help you work on that explosion. Power clings, a push press, anything like that, that's going to, like I said help you work on that explosion. Okay. Then as far as, out there as you're doing it, you're going to probably want to run a couple of times just to see where you're at. Okay. Do some reactive training. Also another important thing that you want to remember is to stretch out. Okay. Because of working out, when you're lifting or as even running, your muscles get use, they get tied. Okay. Now if you don't stretch out that tightness, what happens is, they just keep building over tight muscles, over tight muscles and eventually that can kind of lead to injury or can lead to you being on a plateau. So if you stretch your muscles out, you keep your muscles elongated, you keep a consistent blood flow, so that different kinds of nutrients and stuff can be in there to help rebuild those muscles, help keep those muscles and sustain those muscles and things like that. So remember, when you, in order to increase your 40 yard dash, you're going to want to do a program that's going to consist of re, resistance training, some kind of reactive training and different kind of plow metric exercises and you also going to want to stretch too as well. So that way, you can keep help your muscles nice and elongated, keep that consistent blood flow so that your muscle is going to get the proper reaction that you want from it and as the reaction that you're going to want from it is an explosion for 40 yards.


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