How Do You Take Creatine?

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Creatine is taken in phases, as the first phase consists of loading the system, and the doses are gradually reduced over the cycle of the supplement. Take creative to increase muscle mass with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

So when taking Creatine and how to take Creatine. Basically taking Creatine is all going to depend on what you are taking it for. For the most part most people take it because they want to have some kind of performance benefit or they maybe want an increase in their muscle size so when you are taking Creatine you can either take it with a drink, with water, some kind of liquid form or something like that or you can take it in its power form free hand just by scooping it and putting it in your mouth. I would suggest probably drinking it with some water or something like that. That would probably be a better tasting way to say the least but as far as while you are taking it and what you are taking it for your serving size is all going to depend on what phase you are in. The beginning phase you are going to want to load which is the loading phase and you will want to take a little bit more then when you get into the last phase of taking Creatine. As far as with that you want to cycle off Creatine because what Creatine itself does is Creatine is actually something that is kind of produced in your body and so basically what Creatine's whole effect is it brings water into your muscle cells which increase the size the potential size of the muscle cells, not necessarily the fiber but increases the size of the muscle cells. So then through working out and lifting weights and things like that you increase your muscle fibers. So when you are done taking Creatine you can lose some of your size a little bit and some of your strength because now you don't have all that water that is going into that muscle cell as you did when you were taking the Creatine. Remember that when you are taking Creatine and stuff like that you want to make sure that you are properly hydrated because of that effect that it has on bringing water into the muscle cells and taking it away from your blood where it is needed too as well.


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