How to Give Your Boyfriend Space

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Giving a boyfriend space is an important feature of a relationship, but it's also something that can be difficult in a new, exciting relationship. Give a boyfriend the opportunity to hang out with his friends and attend events that you're not interested in with help from a psychologist in this free video on relationship advice.

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Hi. My name is Reka Morvay, I'm a psychologist, and I'm going to talk about how to give your boyfriend space. Now, this is a very important feature of relationships, that when you're in love, and you're very excited about your new relationship, you want to spend all your time together. To the exclusion of everything else you did up to that point. Now this is, up to a point, a natural part of being in love and being excited about a new relationship. But it's just important to keep yourself, and keep your life, in addition to being in a relationship. So, when you notice that ok, I've spent a lots of time with my boyfriend, and I really love him, and it's really great to spend time with him, but he looks like he's missing his friends or he's missing some of his guy activities. In fact, I'm kind of missing my girlfriends, and some of my girl activities. You know, this is perfectly normal, and in fact this is healthy, to not be completely involved and completely eaten up by your new relationship. Because you need to keep your sense of self. You need to keep your separate identity. So, the way to give your guy some space, is allowing him time to go and do things, without you, that he likes to do. To hang out with his friends, to go to events that maybe you're not interested in. You know, let him do his thing, because this is really very important, and if you just keep spending all of your time together, eventually you'll just start feeling suffocated. Either, you or him, but it's not going to be a pretty scene, so before this even happens, maybe you can start thinking ahead a little, and offering your boyfriend opportunities to keep on doing the guy things he used to like doing, before the two of you were together. And don't make a big deal out of it, I mean it's a natural part of a relationship to let the person go, for certain periods of time.


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