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Littermaid automatic cat litter boxes tend to work very well, have powerful motors, last longer than in the past and often come with extra gadgets. Expect to pay $150 to $300 for a self-cleaning litter box with insight from a pet industry specialist in this free video on cat supplies.

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What is a Littermaid litter box? The Littermaid litter box is one of the most popular brands of the automatic cat boxes. And, basically it's a large cat box with a motion sensor in the cat box that tells the box whether or not a cat is in there. And, after the cat has done it's duty, the comb sifts through the litter and deposits any fecal or urine matter in the receptacle. The litter, automated litter boxes have come quite a long way since when they were first put on the market, and work fairly well. The people who do use them absolutely love them. And will buy them over and over again, not caring how often they breakdown. When these first got on the market about, oh I don't know, ten years or so and I first started carrying them, they generally had to be replaced about once a year or so. Now a days, they last a lot longer. They're a lot stronger, their motors are more powerful and they have lots of cool extras built in sometimes. Like this one in particular has a Ionic Breeze actually built into it to help filter the air on it. They can keep the smell nice and good. You purchase, or the receptacles are replaceable, you buy them in 12 packs for about twenty bucks or so. And lots of people reuse those actually, so you can get more life out of it than you initially think. The one thing I would say is that it is very important that you use a very, very high quality clay clumping litter with these litter boxes. If it's not high enough quality litter, my customers have complained the litter can turn very kind of soupy and mushy over time with use. So, make sure you're buying a very high quality litter like Ever Clean is the one I tend to recommend for the Littermaids. They do work very, very well. Expect to pay anywhere between $150-$300 for an automatic litter box. Depending on the type of model and various extra gadgets they have built in. There are actually tents you can also buy that go over them, kind of make it a covered litter box. Sometimes they can be kind of hard to find locally, though you can probably purchase them online without any problems. Overall, if you have a multiple cat household, and only room for one litter box. Or, perhaps are very, very sensitive to the smell of an unclean litter box, a Littermaid could be just the thing for you. They do work extremely, extremely well for the people that use them and like them.


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