How to Stop a Cat From Chewing Everything

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To stop a cat from chewing on everything, provide plenty of toys, interact positively with the cat when it plays with the toys and use bitter-tasting deterrents to protect things around the house. Train a cat to chew only its toys with help from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

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Lets talk about how to stop a cat from chewing on everything. This is a natural thing for them especially kittens to do. They are trying to taste the world in a sense. They are also very playful and they are hunters by nature so it's a natural thing to start chewing on things. Always make sure that your cat or kitten does not have an underlying condition that's making them do that. So have them vet checked first. If not there is some tricks to get them to quit chewing on things. One is provide lots of toys, two is lots of interaction. Be positive when you are using toys, if they are chewing on something that they are allowed to, let them know that that's ok. Now as far as if they are chewing on something they are not supposed to, you can use deterrents like something like bitter apple spray or something that tastes bitter. Check with your vet to make sure it's appropriate. The other tricks that you can use as well, is a spray bottle with water in it, and when it's chewing on something that they are not suppose to you can squirt them with it, it makes a hissing sound. They don't like that. They will usually associate that with negativity. And there's another trick actually is taking a soda can putting a couple of pennies in it and any time they are getting near something that they like to chew on that they are not allow to, shake it really good, they hate that sound. So check with your veterinary clinic as well, they can help you along if your cat is chewing on things destructively.


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