How to Introduce Dogs to Cats

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Introduce dogs to cats at a young age, making sure to create a safe environment and allowing the animals to sniff each other through a door before meeting. Work slowly when introducing dogs to cats, particularly if both animals are adults, with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free video on dog care.

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Video Transcript

So how do you introduce dogs to cats? Dog's socialization period is generally agreed to be about the first four months of life. That's a really good time to expose them to all sorts of things. Especially cats. So that as they get older cats are nothing special or surprising. Keep in mind that a dogs natural instinct is to chase cats. So you want to be careful to create an environment where the cat isn't going to be running and the dog encouraged to chase. Or where the dog's working with other dogs and that short circuits all sorts of logical thinking for the dog and they become sometimes just a predator so be cautious. Go slow. If these are two adult animals sometimes the best thing to do is introduce them underneath a door way. For example you have the cat in a bedroom and the dog can freely go to the door of the bedroom and sniff the cat and acclimate that way before you actually open the door and introduce them to each other. Hopefully in a small room and where you are in control of this situation. Be very cautious especially if you are unaware, uncertain about what your dog will do and the dog is much bigger than the cat. You want to always go slowly and work safely. And perhaps even involve a behaviorist or a professional trainer.


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