How Do You Get Rid of Fleas on Pups?

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Get rid of fleas on puppies by working with a veterinarian, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and giving frequent baths with a gentle shampoo. Avoid allowing a puppy to get fleas in the first place with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free video on puppy flea control.

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Video Transcript

So how do you get rid of fleas on pups. First let me say, your puppies if, the puppies were born with proper procedures they shouldn't be exposed to fleas and other parasites initially. Hopefully the mother is clean and they are in a clean area. If you do somehow or another contact fleas and they get on the pup, the puppies, you need to be very careful. Many things are to strong to use on puppies and I would strongly recommend working with a veterinarian to make sure you don't contact, expose the puppy to some environmental contagion that would be dangerous to their health. Many products will say if they are safe to use on puppies, just be very cautious. And remember older puppies who are receiving baths, now that you are giving baths, they fleas will drown so if you get the puppy maybe soak them for a while in a tub and get the shampoo on them, hopefully most of the fleas would be washed off at the end of the bath so. It's probably a situation where prevention is much better then a cure. Try to avoid getting fleas around your puppies initially. In our groom shop we opt not to use pesticides but rather to use a natural alternative called Neem, N E E M, and you can search for products that contain Neem in them and that is a good natural pesticide. But again be very cautious that it is appropriate for use with your puppies and it should be on the manufacturer's label.


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