How to Take Care of Dry Skin

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Take care of dry skin by using squalene oil, applying a water-based cleanser, removing the cleanser, applying a hydrating toner and then using a hyaluronic serum to seal in the hydration. Finish a dry skin care regimen with full-spectrum sunblock and tips from a certified aesthetician in this free video on skin care.

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Video Transcript

When customizing a regimen for dry skin, it's very important that we add a little bit of hydration each step of the way. So I like to start of with the squalene to pre-cleanse. Squalene is derived from olive oil and it's going to remove any makeup and debris from the skin and allows us to use a cleanser without stripping our skin. So a couple of drops are applied and in circular motions we go all over the skin, all over the face, even over your eye makeup. It will remove waterproof mascara and even those long wear lipsticks will be removed when you use the squalene. And then we're going to use a creamy cleanser. When you're doing the dry skin, you always want to use a creamy cleanser but not one that's mineral oil based. You definitely want to use something that's water soluble that's going to come of really nicely with water. About a pea size amount, again you're going to do little circles all over your skin. You can go over your eyes, you can go over your lips. This is going to deep cleanse your skin, but because we've pre-cleansed with the squalene, it's not going to strip your skin and take all that excess oil out for you. We're going to use a little bit of water on our sponges, and remove that cleanser. Remember because it's not mineral oil based, it's water soluble so it's going to come off and leave your skin nice and clean, very hydrated and refreshed but it's still going to feel moist and not tight and dry as if you used a bar of soap on your skin. After we've removed our cleanser, and our pre-cleanser, we want to get our skin ready for moisturizing and then that's when we go in with a hydrating toner. You want to use some kind of mist on your skin and it's really going to prep your skin and get it ready for hydration. So close your eyes, a couple of sprays, about an arms length away from your skin and don't blot it. We're going to let it stay. One more step before we move on to the final moisturizer and that's a hyaluronic serum. This serum can hold a thousand times it's weight in moisture. A very small amount goes a long way. It's really going to seal in that hydration that we got from our hydrating mist, and help our moisturizer to not have to work so hard. The final step is our moisturizing sun screen. We want a full spectrum sun screen with UVA and UVB protection. Again, a very small amount, about a pea size is enough to cover the entire face and the throat to give us hydration and also to be able to protect from the sun. And that's our regimen for dry skin.


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