How to Drive in the Fog

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Driving in the fog requires slowing down gradually, keeping a safe driving distance from the car ahead and putting on only low lights or headlights. Navigate carefully through fog with safety tips from a driving instructor in this free video on driving lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hey, Rick the driving instructor again. This time we're talking about driving in fog. O.k. you got to remember driving in fog it's just like driving in the blind. It's not dark dark but its dark enough so if you don't keep your safe following distance which you always try to do you should be alright. But the problem with fog is you don't know when you're going to encounter it. Remember fog usually occurs at low lying areas, when you're going down a steep incline, at the base of it that's where fog is normally going to accumulate. You don't know if the fog is going to be good for two miles, three miles, four miles or forty miles. But you have to remember you have to slow it down and make sure you maintain proper safe following distance because if the car in front of you is stopped, and he is outside of your range or your vision you're going to have a rear end collision. Now just like driving in in climate weather you should be driving with your lights on of course. But remember the thing you never want to do in fog situation is hit your high-beams. Now you may think hitting the high-beams is going to help you see better but it's not. What happens is as soon as the high-beams go up to the further range to throw the light further out it's, the the water vapor that makes up the fog is going to act like thousands of little mirrors and it's going to throw that light right back in your face. So contrary to what you may think is going to happen, it's not going to help the situation, it's going to make it worse. So don't go to the high-beams. So maintain proper safe following distance, be alert, have your lights on and drive just like you would be driving on icy situation, very cautiously and very slowly. And just make sure you maintain contact visibility with the car in front of you at all times. And that should keep you o.k. in getting through that fog situation so you can go out on the other side and you're on your way.


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