What Is Good Dental Hygiene?

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Good dental health and oral hygiene can be achieved by daily brushing and flossing, avoiding sugary foods and drinks and avoiding tobacco products. Promote good dental hygiene and general health at the same time with information from a dentist in this free video on dental health and oral hygiene.

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Video Transcript

Good dental hygiene is characterize by many different things. Certainly from a mechanical standpoint, brushing and flossing are probably the biggest contributors to what we consider good dental hygiene. The simple things such as brushing and flossing can eliminate a lot of problems that we encounter as a dentist such as tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, things like that. We find that these things alone can cause a lot preventional kind of things that will minimize any sort of problems that we would see. But it's also important to understand that not just from mechanical standpoint of the brushing and flossing but there are other ways that help to find a good oral hygiene as well. Those being dietary considerations. We oftentimes talk about how cavities can oftentimes be caused by the ingestion or a lot of drinking of sugary beverages as well as sugary foods. I feel that by minimizing the amount of your sugar intake, that can also contribute to your hygiene as well because if you minimize your sugar intake, you're going to also decrease your chances of getting tooth decay. Certainly smoking, things like smoking and chewing tobacco can also complicate your hygiene and no matter how good of a brusher and flosser you are, things such as the smoking or chewing tobacco or sugary foods or even things with your medical history can complicate your hygiene and make it much more difficult to maintain what we would consider normal. So good normal hygiene is basically constitute by multiple things. The basic ones are the brushing and flossing, but certainly, looking at your diet can also contribute as well as other things such as your medical history. Those all go hand in hand in determining what someone has with good oral hygiene.


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