How Does a Waterpik Work?

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A Waterpik works by utilizing water pressure to remove debris, food, tartar and plaque that has collected along the teeth and gums. Improve oral hygiene with a Waterpik, and reduce the threat of gum disease, with help from a dentist in this free video on dental health, oral hygiene and the Waterpik.

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Video Transcript

A waterpik is another device that can be used to help with your oral hygiene. It's comparable to using a toothbrush or floss in that it's a little bit different as far as the way it removes debris and food off the teeth. We always kind of use toothbrush and a floss as a standard for how to remove debris and food that kind of collects around in between the teeth. The waterpik kind of takes that a step up and uses something utilizing water pressure to make sure that not only is the brushing and flossing adequate but to ensure that things that would collect around spots that you wouldn't normally get will often times be removed by the waterpik. The best way to describe a waterpik is basically a miniature pressure washer. We know that with a pressure washer a lot of force and pressure is applied to the water and the water can actually strip materials that collect on things such as wood and concrete, things like that. Well with a waterpik, it's just basically a miniaturized version of that that allows pressurized water to come in contact with the teeth and the gums to mechanically remove any sort of debris, food, tartar, plaque and calculus that collects along the teeth and the gums. It is often times used as an adjunct to brushing and flossing. It is not a replacement but it is something you can use to help improve your oral hygiene and certainly reduce the incidents of gum disease and gingivitis and certainly cavities as well.


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