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There are different resources for buying dental gold, starting with dental laboratories that use the substance to fabricate fillings and crowns. Buy dental gold at scrap metal companies with information from a dentist in this free video on dental gold.

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Video Transcript

Buying dental gold is become kind of a pastime, however is one is interested in acquiring gold for dental reasons, there are a couple of different sources that you can look about to go and retrieve it. One is certainly the dental laboratories that a dentist would use. They specialize in fabricating the fillings and the crowns that are composed of gold. Having said that, typically what happens is the dentist will prepare the tooth for the filling or the crown and what they do is they take a special impression of that and they send that off to the lab. The lab basically has gold on hand and they use this gold to make different things such as the fillings and the crowns. Dentists will sometimes carry gold in house. It is quite frequently very rare just because it's harder to fabricate it in house so that's why a lab typically addresses it. Other place to buy gold other than the jewelry store is there are many scrap metal places that you can acquire gold that's specially used for dental reasons. It's really important to understand that the gold that you see in a crown or a filling is often times a lot different than the gold you would see in a ring or in a necklace or a wedding band. It has gold in it, but the composition is greatly different and the composition determines the strength and the longevity as well as the color.


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