Safety Tips for Treadmills

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Safety tips for treadmills include training only at your level of experience, always cooling down at the end of a treadmill workout and being aware of the emergency stop button in the case of dizziness or getting lightheaded. Use a treadmill running machine safely with healthy tips from a certified sports performance nutrition adviser in this free video on fitness.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Ashleigh Gass with Brilliant Some general safety tips for using the treadmill. Always train at your level of experience, so if you've never been on a treadmill before, start slowly. You're not out to beat the speed of the treadmill. Number two: make sure when you get off, do your good cool down, so slow yourself down from a jogging pace to a walking pace, and hold that for about three to five minutes just to let your body cool down. There's usually one of these big red stop buttons. If you're training and you start to feel a little dizzy or light headed, or something's not quite going right, all you've gotta do is hit that button, and the treadmill's just going to gradually slow down. Another general safety tip for using the treadmill is to make sure that you're connected to the emergency cut-off switch. What that does is that if you're moving at top speed, and you were to fall off, this disconnects and it shuts the treadmill down. If you're not connected to this, and something goes wrong, you're going to fall off and land straight back onto a moving belt. So when you're using a treadmill, make sure you're well connected.


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