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When catching bait fish with a casting net, it's important to have some means of keeping the bait fish alive. Use nets of various sizes to catch bait fish of for different purposes with advice from the owner of a tackle shop in this free video on fishing bait.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Larry Mastry of Mastry's Bait and Tackle and we're going to talk about catching bait fish in our area. Now catching bait fish to me is like the ultimate fisherman. If you can catch your own bait fish. Then you're a pretty good fisherman. You can go out there and catch most everything that's out there. But a couple methods that we use probably most commonly would be the cast net and a cast net is basically a net that's thrown. That's made up and thrown. Let me get this off here and casted. Has a lead line at the bottom. So you actually take this net and you throw it out and you cover up the bait fish. The net falls down and traps them and you pull it in. It has brailles that actually forms a pocket. That you're able to catch your bait fish with. Now this particular net right here's a small net. You can use for wade fishing or fishing off a small boat but the nice thing about this net is a very, very small mesh size. The holes in the net so it doesn't allow the baits to get stuck or their heads gilled in here. So when ever you catch a bait it just basically just dumps right out and it's very usable. But with this method you have to have some means of keeping your bait alive. Like a live bait well system for instance. You know with an aeration system. So that you bait doesn't die on you. Making sure you don't put too much bait in the well. Then if your going to fish for a larger species of bait such as larger minnows and so forth. There is longer nets this net is ten feet in length but has bigger hole sizes. Now this bigger hole size allows this net to sink down much faster. So your bigger baits are going to be faster. So in that case you need a net with a larger mesh size. So you can catch them. Now there are times when your bait fishing. Particular for bigger baits where a cast nets not effective because it just doesn't sink fast enough in deeper water. Then we have another method that we use. Which is called a sabiki rig and what this rig does it's six hooks tied on one piece of line and these pieces of line have little gold hooks on them. There's little strips of white fish skin and as this is dropped down to the bottom and you juggle it. Those bait fish are attracted to those little gold hooks right there and you can catch just about any type of species there is that exists. Using this particular method. So anyways these are some methods that we use quite successfully here on this coast. I'm Larry Mastry of Mastry's Bait and Tackle in St. Petersburg. Saying good fishing.


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