How to Select a Standard Poodle

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When selecting a standard poodle, consider the high-maintenance grooming requirements of the breed, their goofy and playful nature and their non-shedding fur. Provide the mental and physical stimulation required for a standard poodle with helpful information from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog breeds.

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Video Transcript

When considering how to select a Standard Poodle and as always you want to learn more about the breed. This is a wonderful goofy breed of dog as you can see with Lady here. Sometimes a little bit frou-frou it'll vary from individual dog to dog. A lot of exercise, mental and physical is required. Grooming is a serious consideration here as the grooming for a standard poodle in our area can cost upwards of $80.00 every six to eight weeks. So this is a dog to think carefully before you buy. But a wonderful animal and breed in general. Individuals will vary for working with people they have moved from a sporting animal originally thought to be water retrievers to non sporting because of their interest and willingness to work with people. They're easy to train and fun in all sorts of activities. And not a totally serious animal. Another great thing about them in terms of grooming is that they don't shed and so you have much less issues in your home with shedding but again that does mean that their hair needs to be groomed. Always and with any breed of dog if you're considering an animal talk to people who know and appreciate the breed. And also look at purchasing a dog from a reputable breeder who breeds on a small scale focusing not on the look of the dog only but also on the temperament and the health, physical health. And poodles are a dog we happen to have a lot of them rescued so you might consider a rescue as well.


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