How to Select a Labrador Retriever

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When selecting a Labrador Retriever, consider the amount of energy required to maintain the breed, as labs are generally quite active sporting dogs who are great around children. Discover the Labrador's wonderful and playful temperament with helpful information from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog breeds.

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Video Transcript

When considering how to select a Labrador Retriever you want to keep in mind that this is, this dog was bred to be a sporting dog. They're going to need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. They take a little bit longer to mature, so they can be pretty active. Labradors are well known for being good with kids, but keep in mind that that doesn't mean that they wouldn't knock a kid over in their enthusiasm for play. Lovely breed of dog, gets along well, generally, with other dogs, very friendly towards strangers. The Labrador I had wasn't much of a barker, but some of them can be, so grooming is fairly easy, although they do shed quite a bit. So, when you're considering any breed of dog always talk to people who have the breed of dog and enjoy it, and do research in print and on the web. Make sure that this is the right dog for your family now and in the future, you know. Hopefully, your dog would give you fifteen or more years of life, and so you want to make sure that you're going to be able to stick with the dog throughout their life cause' that's quite a commitment to make. Bailey here is an absolutely lovely girl. She 's a little on the young side, but she plays well, has a good time, and is extremely friendly and funny.


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