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A person should never try to rescue a skunk from the wild, mostly because it could have rabies, which can be fatal to humans. Harbor pet skunks much like other small pets are kept with information from a veterinarian in this free video on exotic pets and pet care.

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Let's talk about skunk pet rescue. Now what we're talking about is a domestically bred skunk because in most states skunks are considered wildlife whether they're domestically bred or a wild creature. And so you never ever try to rescue a wild skunk on your own. The main reason is because they could harbor rabies which is fatal to humans. And so check with your local wildlife agency in the first place to see if owning a pet skunk is actually even legal. Usually you have to have a license or permit to do that anyway. So if you're talking about adopting one, if it is legal, then basically you harbor them like you do a small type of mammal as far as housing is concerned and wire caging with bedding in the bottom. They're actually pretty smart small mammals. Pet skunks are typically descented when they're young like four to six weeks of age. Otherwise no one can get near them as they get older. When they're really really small babies, generally they're weaned after about two months of age. They reach sexual maturity about a year of age. And so if it is a domestically bred skunk, either find a veterinarian whose familiar with exotic species, especially skunks. And they need to be spayed and neutered as well, and you can talk to them about vaccination and nutritional care and things of that nature.


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