Questions to Ask When Renting a Home

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A few questions to ask when renting a home should revolve around the nature of the neighborhood, the demographic of other tenants in the area and included utilities. Consult a rental property manager to find out about the area with information from a Massachusetts Realtor in this free video on real estate.

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Questions to ask when renting a home. This is a really important subject, especially if you're moving from out of town into a new area. I would say the very first thing to do is get involved pretty quickly with a rental company in your area. And you'll be able to ask them as the representatives of these particular units that you might be interested in renting, a few questions and here are a couple. First off, the surrounding area, you'll be able to tell where the area is, if it's a nice area, if it's an up and coming area, you'll be able to tell pretty quickly when you get there, but again, the people who are representing the property will be able to tell you this very quickly probably within a phone call or so. The most important thing to ask obviously besides how much the place is going to cost to rent, would probably be what floor it's on, if you're somebody that doesn't like a lot of noise in the building that you're living in, you might want to try to live maybe on the top floor instead of the middle or the bottom, that's something that a lot of people kind of run into just renting a place without really a whole lot of research is the noise level. If you're renting an apartment, who else lives in the building is also a very good thing to ask. Is it a collegiate environment? Are there going to be a lot of noise no matter where you live in the place, is there going to be a lot of music, a lot of people coming in and out? Is it a transient kind of community where people are moving in and out all the time, maybe in a college area, something like that. Ask a little bit about the demographics of who is specifically living in the building that you're looking to rent. That would be a very important question to ask as well. Utilities, are the utilities included? Electric, hot water, water and sewer is also very important to know. Trash pickup, do you need to pickup the trash? Do your landlords do it for you? And one of the most very important things to do especially if you are a pet owner, can you bring your pet along? People run into a big problem with this all the time when they show up at their place with a pet and haven't cleared it already. And those are some important things to think about when renting a home.


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