How to Sell Inherited Property

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Selling inherited property is very similar to selling any other property, but usually more than one owner of the inheritance is involved in the process. Contact a real estate agent to more easily sell inherited property with information from a Massachusetts Realtor in this free video on real estate.

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Video Transcript

How to sell inherited property. The actual process of selling an in in an inherited property is not any different than selling a property that that you've owned for a a long time, maybe many years. How the acquisition of this property is is probably the the most important stumbling block, and that's probably going to be a a legal issue that you would definitely want to talk with with your attorney about, and the attorney that's handling the estate of whoever you are inheriting the property from. Beyond this, this might be a situation where you have multiple people that own the property, which is very common. We actually see that quite a lot. So really, the the the big difference in selling the property, most of the time, is that you have other people who are involved; maybe your siblings or your spouse, something like that that that may make it a little bit tougher. Other than that, once you have the property and you are ready to sell it take the same steps as you would to selling your own property. Contact a real estate agent; let them know what you want. Let them know what your needs are as far as as the property's concerned. They are going to let you know what the property is worth, and that's probably the biggest question whether it's a home or whether it's land they're going to let you know how much the property is worth, what you can, what you can expect to sell it for. Beyond that, once you once you have the property and you're ready to sell it it's going to be pretty much the same thing as you would sell any other property. You list it with your agent, they will go ahead and handle all the the ins and outs for it, and get the highest market value that they can for you.


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