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Photoshop can be used to make collages by pasting several images and moving them around. Find out how to use layers when making collages with help from a graphic designer in this free video on Adobe Photoshop tricks.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Zach Katagiri, freelance graphic designer in New York City, and today, we are talking about Photoshop. In this video, I'm going to show you how to make a collage in Photoshop. Let's say, for example, that I wanted to make a collage of my favorite cars. The first thing I would do is open up all of the images of the cars that I wanted to use in my collage. And you can see that even though all the tabs don't show up, if you click over on the double arrows, you can access any of the photos. And now, I'm going to create a new document to put all the photos on. So I'll call this collage, and I'm going to switch over to inches, assuming I wanted to print this, and I'll do eight and a half by 11. Click okay. And now I'm just going to systematically go through and copy and paste onto my document. So Ctrl A selects it, Ctrl C copies. I can now, actually, just close that and Ctrl V pastes it. Now, I'll go to my next image and copy, close, and paste. And over in my layers, you can see that every time I paste a new image, it puts it in its own layer. And on my next can just keep on doing that for all of the photos that you want to use. When you have all six photos in your collage page, then you can start moving them around. So I'm going to hold down Control, and click, and just grab a hold of one of the layers. And if I want to select the next layer down, I can select that layer. And then Control will move it. And I can just kind of move these around just to give me a sense of what it is that I'm working with. All right. So now, I'm going to do a transform using command T, and I'm going to start by making this guy a bit bigger. When I'm in Transform, if I hold down Shift, then it'll keep the proportions the same. So just scale that up a little bit, and move him down to the corner. Hit Return to get out of Transform. And now, I want to move this one over here, and if I'm, say, not too happy with the angle, then Ctrl T will get it back into Transform, and you can just give it a little bit of an angle. And I'll scale them a little bit with the Shift key. And then Control to move. And hit Return to get out of Transform. And once you've placed all of your photos, you have kind of the basic idea of your collage, and from here, I'm just going to clean up kind of the edges and blend the pictures together by selecting a brush and making sure that the hardness is all the way down so that you can get a nice blend. And now, I can fade the edges of my photos together. So on Layer 5, I'm just going to kind of take away some of those hard cuts from one picture to another. And kind of bring these down. This guy over here on the side. You don't have to worry about going over any of the other photos because when you selected a layer, then that's the only layer that will be affected. And that one doesn't need it. And let's just take that off. And so that's a pretty basic idea of what you do with a collage.


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