Saucer-Eye Porgy Identification

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The saucer-eye porgy is a silver-colored fish with no dramatically distinctive markings. Identify the saucer-eye porgy by the bluish-colored, sauce-shaped bar beneath each eye with help from a scuba diving instructor in this free video on fish identification and marine life.

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Video Transcript

The marine organism we are going to identify now is the saucer eye porgy. The saucer eye porgy is a silver colored fish with no dramatically obvious distinctive markings on most animals. However if you look closely you will see that they have a short bluish colored saucer shaped bar beneath each eye. And at the corners of the mouths are yellow. This is what distinguishes the saucer eye porgy from other porgies such as the sheep's head porgy and the jolt head porgy. The saucer eyed porgy also has a steeply sloped head. They can occasionally have a yellow wash over their head and may display a striped or blotched pattern when feeding. Saucer eyed porgy are relatively uncommon in most of the tropical waters to the Americas. When you find one it will usually be swimming or just hovering above the sand or corral. They are a curious fish and can be often approached fairly closely by a diver who moves slowly and cautiously. But they will swim off quickly if they feel threatened. Saucer eyed porgies feed on mollusks, worms, brittle stars, hermit crabs, crabs and sea urchins they find on or near the coral reefs on which they live. They are generally found in waters as steep as seventy feet but also as shallow as just a few feet. Their size is usually between eight and fourteen inches but some individuals have been reported to reach a size of sixteen to twenty inches. Although no specific information was found on the reproduction of saucer eyed porgies are protogynous hermaphrodites. This means that all fish start out life as females and turn into males as they mature and reach a size of about eight or nine inches in length. During spawning males will gather a harem of females and spawn with several from the harem every day during the breeding season. Eggs are fertilized externally and allowed to drift with the currents until they hatch. That's the saucer eye porgy.


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