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Soccer moves are an important part of the attack, and most moves require the ability to quickly change directions. Discover how to do a V-cut soccer moves, as well as other moves, with help from a soccer coach in this free video on the sport of soccer.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how's it going? My name is Billy Castro, ex-soccer pro and now youth soccer coach going on ten years. We're going to go over on how to make some soccer moves. Let's go out there and play with the ball, this is the best part of soccer. Get out there and start working on some moves. Let's look at, here we go. For a right footer player, if you're going left, you want to step over the ball, bring your outside of the foot back, push the ball back, go this way so you can strike the ball. Again, let's do that again. That is called the cruyff move. So you want to go step over the ball with your outside foot, push the ball back with your inner heel, step back so you could shoot the ball. That again is for a right footer player, that's looking to shoot the ball. That's called the cruyff move. One more demo, let's do this again. You got the ball, you want to step over the ball, bring your outside foot, back heel, step so you could strike the ball. If you go on the other way and you're a left footed player, step and over with your left foot, bringing your outside foot, back heel so you could strike with your left foot. That is called the cruyff move. Let's move into what we call the V cut. When I'm playing against somebody and I'm coming right at you, here I come, I'm coming at you. If I decide to pull the back ball back, a simple V cut move. So I'm coming at you, I'm pulling the ball back and moving the ball this way. That's called the V cut. You're going to want to be able to do that with both feet. So if I'm coming at you with your, my left foot, pull back and go this way. The other one is, this one's called the cut move. So we've gone over the cruyff, the V cut and now we're going to go over the cut. So again, here I come at you, I'm coming at you, I'm coming at you, I'm cut and then I'm going this way with the ball. Same with the left foot, I'm coming at you, I'm cut and then I'm going this way with the ball. It's very important in soccer moves to be able to change directions; to fake like you're going to go one way and go the other way. That's how you do soccer moves. My name is Billy Castro, ex-professional and youth soccer coach for going on ten years. Whew!


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