What Is Vodka Made Of?

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Vodka is typically made of any plant or vegetable matter that has a lot of starch or sugar in it, such as wheat or potatoes. Discover how different flavors, such as natural citrus flavor, can be added to vodka with information from a professional bartender in this free video on vodka.

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Video Transcript

What is vodka made out of? Vodka is made out of any plant matter or vegetable or fruit anything like that that is, that has a lot of starch or sugar in it. And sugar is a starch or starch is a sugar I should say. And alcohol is made when yeast converts those starches and sugars into alcohol. So most, the highest end vodkas are usually made out of wheat. And a lot of very popular vodkas in Europe are made out of potatoes. Those are probably the two most common types of vodkas. For example Grey Goose, Absolut, these are pure grain vodkas. Many vodkas now are flavored. So in addition to the normal process and the pure grains there are flavor additives such as gray new citrons. There is natural citrus flavors added and of course Absolut, Stoley they have a very large line of different types of vodkas that are flavored with different things.


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