How to Feed Butterflies indoors

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Feed butterflies indoors by providing a variety of nectar-rich plants near a sunny window or by placing a sugar solution on a sponge. Allow butterflies to detect nectar through sensors on the feet with help from an entomologist and insect specialist in this free video on butterflies.

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Video Transcript

I'm Mike Quinn, and I've been an entomologist for twenty years and we're here at the Ladybird Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas talking about how to feed butterflies indoors. A natural source of food for butterflies is plant nectar. And plants will produce nectar indoors if it's sunny near a window. So, some plants produce more nectar than others. So having a nectar rich plant near a window is one way to feed butterflies indoors. If necessary, you can provide a twenty percent sugar solution and have it in a tray with typically a resting spot for the butterflies as a kind of a, with a scrubby sponges. And butterflies will land on that and they'll detect the sugar with the sensors in their feet actually and then they'll extend their proboscis which is their straw like mouth parts and they'll drink nectar. And so that's some ways to feed butterflies indoors.


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