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In order to access the Internet on a PSP, first make sure that the WLAN switch is on. Learn how to scan for wireless networks on the PSP with help from a video producer in this free video on the PSP.

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Video Transcript

Hi, we're going to talk today about how to connect your PSP to the Internet. Now the PSP one of the greatest functions that it has is the built in web browser, we're going to show you how to connect to a WiFi network by using the built in software on your PSP. First of all as always make sure that your WLAN switch is on that's your LAN switch, wireless LAN. If it's off, that means it's not going to access anything. Now this is great when you're on a plane, that's what it's designed for, also it'll save power in itself, but if you haven't activated it you're not going to be able to get to the Internet. Next you're going to go to network settings, that's under the settings menu on your PSP, you can just access all the different menus by going right and left, hit X. Now you're going to have a menu for ad hoc mode or infrastructure mode. Ad Hoc mode what it does is it connects to another PSP, which is wonderful for gaming purposes, but we're going to go for infrastructure mode because that's what it's going to look for your WiFi connection and get you onto the Internet. Alright once you're there you're going to go ahead and hit U connection, hit X, and then we're going to scan and we're going to look for any local networks that happen to be around. In this case I have a whole host of ones that I can choose from, we're just going to choose this top one which should be the local network, we're going to confirm that by hitting the right button, now it's going to ask for what kind of security options, we're going to just leave this none because this looks like it's an open network, we're going to select the easy configuration mode, it's going to ask for the name of the connection, again we're going to hit right, finally X to confirm it, when you hit that you will log onto the network and you will be connected via WiFi to the Internet, and you can use your browser and use all the surfing functions, music and movie downloading functions that are built right in to every Play Station portable.


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