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The term FX is the phonetic break down of the word "effects," referring to special visual or audio effects produced by the camera, lighting, makeup or digital effects added post-production. Be familiar with video production lingo with information from the executive producer of a video production company in this free video on digital video.

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Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz, actor, director, producer, and we're discussing FX. Thee actual two letters FX together are a film and video shorthand for effects...e f f e c t s...or called special effects. Now, it's kind of bizarre because it's not a an abbreviation for something in a sense that MS is abbreviation for medium shot, or CU is an abbreviation for close up, FX is just the phonetic break down because the letters F and X sound like effects. Okay?! And it's sometimes also followed by S, for an SFX where thee S actually does stand for something that begins with an S. Special. So, SFX and FX, just a sort of we break it down to a alleviate confusion. Now in general, effects refer to any type of extra, added something that isn't just an actor, a camera and lighting. So for instance, you may have audio effects, a doorbell ringing. You may have visual effects, which happen inside the camera at the time of shooting, for instance, day for night shooting where you kick your gain up. Double exposure. We create depth, or a ghost. Special effects makeup...SFX makeup. If you have a special effects makeup artist if you're making a horror movie. Anything practical, you're building a model, you're building a set, it's it's special effects, or in that, practical effects. Then it's sort of broken off to the visual effects category, and now special effects in general is practical again. It's wind, it's fake rain, it's a fog machine. That's special effects, or SFX onse...on location or in studio. Then we have visual effects which come into the different things that you can do afterwards, for instance, digital editing effects. Like right now, look! Whoo-whoo-whoo...This is called a ripple effect, alright? And it's a digital transition. This one over here we call a page peel. Whoop! Alright, and ah! There, I'm back again. That is a visual effect usually done in post production. So, to recap, FX, short for effects, and it is thee addition of anything digitally or practical that isn't primarily acting, lighting, ah normal nat...or location sound, or things that are done with the camera that are special. I'm Christopher Rokosz. Have fun with your effects!


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