Common Laptop Problems

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Common laptop computer problems include overheating caused by a lack of air circulation, a dead battery or problems with the sensitive LCD screen. Keep a laptop lasting longer and consider visiting the manufacturer or a laptop repairman to fix problems with advice from a software developer in this free video on laptop computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews, and today I'm going to talk to your about common laptop problems. And one of the main laptop problem that you're going to run into is going to be overheating. That laptop, especially modern laptops, do a lot more processing than they did in the past, and more processing power equals more heat generated. So what you want to do about overheating is make sure you're sitting your laptop on a good, solid, smooth surface. Not on some kind of cloth that would get kind of caught up in the bottom of the laptop and keep air from circulating. Because I have this one sitting on a desk here, I have a little bit of space underneath the laptop because of it's legs, and air is able to get in beneath that laptop, into the laptop, and then be sucked out by the processor fan. And that circulation of air through the system keeps the laptop good and cool. Now another thing that you might run into your laptop is battery problems. Your battery, in mine it's right here, it has a spring loaded latch here that controls my battery, or allows my battery to be pulled out. And if you're having trouble booting up your laptop, it could be that your battery is dead. Now when you purchase a new laptop, these batteries, you're going to expect to get about three to four good years of constant use out of these laptop batteries. But just to make sure that it actually is a dead battery, you want to put that battery in there. Seat it in one half way, and then push just with a little bit of pressure, and as you can see that latch slid and it popped the laptop battery into place. Now if this laptop would not turn on after changing that battery, I'll know that my battery's no good. Another common problem that you're going to have with a laptop is the screen. These things...these screens are very fragile, these LCD screens. You don't want to push on your screen, even though it makes a really pretty pattern, because you could actually damage the screen. If the screen in damaged, you can really only take it to the manufacturer or to a laptop repairman, and it's going to cost you a lot of money. My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just talked to you a little bit about common laptop problems.


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