What Is a Wireless Card?

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A wireless Internet connection can be achieved with a PCI adapter that is inserted into the motherboard, or with a USB receiver that plugs into a USB port. Figure out the distance a wireless connection needs to travel before buying hardware with help from a computer specialist in this free video on Internet connections.

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Video Transcript

In this segment we're going to discuss two different options for wireless connection. Number one, you can use a PCI adapter on your desktop computer. This basically inserts in to the motherboard and sticks out the back. This antenna then will send and receive the signals to the primary computer that's sending out through the router. The other option is a USB receiver such as this, plugs in to a USB port on your desktop computer or your laptop computer. This then will become how you send and receive the signal to the main computer. The couple of different things that you want to consider are, well the main thing you want to consider when you're using a wireless connection, is the distance that the signal needs to travel. If you have a greater distance you're going to have to spend more money to get a better PCI adapter or USB receiver to be able to cover the distance. If it's a shorter distance in your home or office, then you can get by with a lower end conversion.


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