Is a Cable Modem Better Than DSL?

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Cable modem service typically costs more than DSL, but it is faster and easier to use when multiple computers are involved. Use a cable modem if distance limitations are a concern with help from a computer specialist in this free video on Internet connections.

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Video Transcript

Which is better cable modem or DSL? It depends. Cable modem service costs more, typically but it is faster. DSL usually has a lower pricing point of range but it is not as fast it depends on your needs. If you have multiple computers connecting to the internet at the same time you probably want cable modem because you have more band width. If you just have one computer probably DSL would be o'kay for you. Another factor to consider when comparing DSL to cable is the distance you are from the company. When you call to set up DSL service they will tell you what your maximum speed will be and this is based somewhat on your distance from the telephone company's equipment but with DSL you have the distance limitation. With cable service you don't have that limitation. It doesn't really matter how far or close you are to your equipment it provides consistent speed wherever you live.


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