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Setting up a wireless router is easy and simple, get a lesson in wireless networks, routers, and Internet in this free video.

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my name is David and I'm here to tell you about the installation of routers. Now, when you are installing a router there's a couple of different options you have. You can set it up yourself or you can call in a professional to do it. When you do a set up yourself, and you go to install it, you always want to start with installing the software first, which includes the drivers on that. From there, it will give you step by step instructions on when and how to do it. Usually, when you install it, it will start to go through drivers then it will tell you to plug in the router to power and then after that it will ask you to plug in using, decide whether you want to use Ethernet or USB to hook up the router. Normally, it's going to be with Ethernet since it's the faster way to go. You'll plug in using Ethernet and then it will continue throughout the installation from there. Experts will usually do, they will go automatically and set up the router first. From there you actually can get onto the computer and each router has it's own, what's called an IP address. From there they will go through a manually set it up to know that it is the best connection that you're possibly going to be getting. It's a lot faster way to go but if you don't know what you are doing as far as that, you could really end up causing some bigger problems with the router if you try to do it on your own and then you may have to turn around and call in an expert or call in to technical support from whoever you got the router from and you will be paying usually some form of a fee from there to have them walk you through and set it up also. When you are setting it up with a disk, like I said, just follow the directions on the disk. If for some reasons you have any issues or if you don't feel comfortable setting it up, I definitely recommend calling in somebody that you have heard is a reputable technician. Like I said, once they get that in there and they get set up you should be able to have your wireless connection, if that's what you want, or if you just want to be hardwired, it's usually a lot quicker and when you're installing and going wireless you always want to make sure you put some sort of security on your router. Whether it be a webque or a wap.


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