How to Use the Depth Control on a Motorized Miter Saw

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Learn how to use the depth control on a motorized miter saw from a construction expert in this free power tools video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Ed Reyes with Master Builders from Tampa, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, this is how you use and maintain a miter saw. Now this saw has a nifty little feature to it. This is a depth control unit and you see it is set in increments. It goes in letters, a, b, c, d, e, f and on up. It is used for two purposes. The first purpose, there is a spring here and you pull the spring out and you bring your saw down and you can lock it so that the saw doesn't move. The other purpose for this is to have depth settings. If I want to take this board and put a criss cross across it and I need a notch in this board so that the other one fits flush, this is what we use. The way it works is you set it at an angle and you tighten this knob. We are at b so what that is going to do is that is only going to let my saw go down that far. Now I've got that much space. If I want to have an inch and half or inch and quarter, I will take a tape measure, measure up and adjust this so that the more you go down to a, the lower the blade goes. The higher you go, the higher it goes. So if we want to go about an inch, there's a inch right there, you would set it about c and tighten it down. That blade would not go any lower. So as we cut, that is as far down as that blade is going to go, an half inch and it will stay consistent all the way through because it is set on that. So if you cut the next piece, as you see I've notched a perfect little notch here. What that does is if I put this board here, then I would take a pencil and mark that side and notch everything out to that pencil mark and this board will sit flush with this board. That is how you get your cross beams and cuts for frames and picture frames and that type of stuff. So with this blade set up, this type of angle with that little mechanism I am guaranteed the same depth every way I go as long as I cut it.


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