Arm Drills for Freestyle Swimming

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Freestyle swimming drills can help you improve your form and technique. Use a buoy to help you focus on the arm movement of your freestyle stroke. Learn how in this free swimming lesson video from an expert on health and fitness.

Part of the Video Series: How to Swim Competitive Freestyle
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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Expert Village. I'm Phillip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. Freestyle pool drills really provide the opportunity to focus on your upper body. Mainly, your body position in the water, your extension and stroke technique. There are several different types of pool buoys that you can be using. Some include the strap which is adjustable. Basically, how you want to do this is, opening the widest portion up towards the top, just in between your thighs, with the narrowest portion down below. I personally prefer these because they are not as slippery and they are easier to control on the flip turns. The other type that you will see at community centers, colleges, clubs are generally the ones that are smooth, blue and white (they are generally a two-tone) and they are rather slippery, but you are going to be the judge of that. I suggest trying them both to find out which works best for you. There are several different types of drills that you can use while utilizing the pool buoy. The most important that I find is the zipper catch-up drill because it really provides the opportunity to focus on your reach, your catch, your pull, your push, but most importantly getting that arm up and getting that elbow up nice and high, out of the water and keeping your arm close to your body (keeping it inside and really helping with that rotation, reach, catch, pull and push), and working on that rotation and really keeping that elbow high and close to the body.


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