Kicking Drills for Freestyle Swimming

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Practice kicking the freestyle stroke by using a kickboard or by doing a streamline kicking drill. Learn more in this free swimming lesson video from an expert on health and fitness.

Part of the Video Series: How to Swim Competitive Freestyle
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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Expert Village. I'm Phillip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. In the world of swimming, and with most strokes, there are several types of drills. The most common drill in freestyle for kicking would include those with the kick board. You are simply going to use your straight leg/pointed toe kick with your hips up on top of the water and simply propel yourself across the pool. This is one very popular drill. Another popular drill is the streamline kicking drill, where there is no kick board involved. You'll simply put your hands above your head like this, push off the wall, keeping your hips high (which is really important to reduce that drag), utilizing your straight leg and pointed toe kick. What a lot of coaches like to encourage is not to break the hands, to cheat, or to try to use your other body parts to go forward during that drill. You're basically going to utilize what we call a "pop up" breath where you push down on the water, lift your head out, get that breath, put your head back down in the water, blow your bubbles out and continue on as such. A small example of that would be something like this. If I'm in a streamlined position, my face would be looking straight down at the bottom of the pool, my hands would be on top, my hips would be on top of the water as well and I would do a pop up breath like this. Short, simple and sweet. Those are just two drills for the freestyle kick.


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