How to Start a Breaststroke Race

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In breaststroke races, you can dive off the starting block using a flat foot start or a track start. Learn more about how to start a breaststroke race in this free competitive swimming video lesson.

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Video Transcript

PHILIP TORIELLO: Hello and welcome to Expert Village, I'm Philip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. Breaststroke starts. Breaststroke starts are very similar to that of the freestyle start. You have two options, the first of which is the flat foot start with both feet lined up at the front of starting block. The second is the track start where you have one foot placed back, again, leaning your weight to the back foot and catapulting yourself off. The most important thing to remember, however, is that once you've entered the water, you have the obligation to perform one pull, one kick glide, and on that second pull, your head must break the water surface. Now, as with turnovers or off the walls, it's really important to focus on this aspect 'cause this is where you can conserve all of your energy. However, you can't break the 15-meter mark. Once again, you can't do the whole length of the pool with your pull down, touch the wall, push off, and have the whole race under water. You will be disqualified.


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