Add Food to the Roaster for Slow Cooked Chicken

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Learn how to add the food to the roaster for this slow cooked chicken recipe with expert cooking tips in this free online video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi this Matt on behalf of Expert Village and today we're going to learn how to make my slow cooked chicken with garlic ranch potatoes. Okay, now we're ready to put our chicken into the roaster, I'm going to take that and put that right there. Notice that we've have a thermometer sticking up here. The reason why I did the chicken first and I didn't put it in yet. I'm going to cook everything together. I wanted the dressing and the spices to just marinate for a little while. Its not a long time but, remember when I poked the holes into the chicken, so the dressing is going to seep in, so you'll get that flavor inside also, so that's why I did that. Now we're going to do our potatoes. Pour that in, like so. You're going to feed a lot of people with this, look at all that. This is going to be really, really good, great tasting meal and it doesn't cost a lot. As usual, I'm cheap and I don't want to pay a lot, but you can definitely feed an army with this. If you notice now, we have our chicken on this side, we have our potato, pepper and onion mixture on this side with our tin foil and with the holes at the bottom, that's very important so the water when it starts steaming it can rise up and cook thoroughly. This will be covered, so the steams not going to go anywhere. I'm going to put a little garnishing on our chicken, like so. We're still going to save some, we're not going to use it all. Okay, great, before we turn this on we've got one more step, then we're going to turn this on and cook it, so I'll see you on the next step.


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