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The free transform tool lets you scale and rotate objects in Photoshop. Learn how to free transform an object in Photoshop from a professional photographer in this free Photoshop tutorial video.

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Video Transcript

Adobe Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated, and I am in no way affiliated with Adobe. Okay, so on this simple tutorial, I'm going to kind of touch base on free transform. As you can see, I kind of have the same logo I had earlier, the sample logo, although I kind of messed with it just a little bit, but not really--it still looks exactly the same. But what I'm going to show you guys is the free transform tool really quickly, and you can use the free transform tool with text or with photographs. But if you go up to the edit menu, there's free transform right there, or there's transform. Really, I like to just use free transform, and the shortcut to that is command "T", or control "T" on PC, and it brings up this box. Now you're able to move this image however you want now, but the really cool thing about free transform if you right click or control click on a Mac, you'll get a dialog box that says scale, rotate, skew, distort, perspective, and the all-new warp tool that Photoshop has given us. Also there's flip horizontal and flip vertical. But for this one, we're just going to use like perspective for instance, and as you can see, we're kind of changing the perspective of the image, and making it look kind of look kind of weird-ish. And then we can control click and do like distort, and we can kind of distort the image a little bit and make it look kind of weird, and you know, we can do all sorts of weird stuff to it, kind of give it that weird, you know Superman kind of look to it. So as you can see, you can always do something really cool with the free transform tool. Just play around with it, it takes some practice, and if you go a little too wild with it, it can really affect the image quality. But for the most part, the free transform tool is a very effective--it's something that a lot of photographers use, and a lot of amateurs don't even know about. It's just something that can really help out your photography; this is how I do all of my reflections, my fake reflections, and I will be teaching that on a more advanced Photoshop tutorials that I'm going to be doing later on. But take a--you know, look out for those reflection videos, and you can see more about the free transform tool.


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