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Stable blankets are a type of winter horse blanket that is not waterproof and is meant to be worn by a horse that is inside a barn or covered area. Learn about stable blankets and why they are important in this free equestrian video guide.

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Hi on behalf of expertvillage.com, I'm Shelly here at AA Callister at Salt Lake City, Utah and I would like to talk to you today about stable blankets. Now there are two basic types of winter horse blankets. One is a stable blanket and one is a turnout blanket but this is a stable blanket. Now the biggest difference between a stable blanket and a turnout blanket is a stable blanket is not waterproof. It is meant for a horse that is inside of a barn or a covered area so it's not waterproof, generally not wind proof or it's not even water resistant. So this is a stable blanket and the easiest way to notice a stable blanket from a turnout blanket is they usually have some kind of quilting to them. They will look quilted in some way and also if you have any questions, always just ask your local tact supply store about turnout blankets or stable blankets. So this is a stable blanket and the reason people would put a stable blanket on their horse is they are showing their horse during the cold winter months and they want to keep that short short hair coat going so that show summertime hair coat they have, they want to keep that going on. Another reason is that they body clip their horse so they can keep riding through the winter and it needs to have some warmth back on it when they are not working it. Also another reason why you would have a stable blanket is to keep the hair coat short and not sweat up your horse during the winter months and that is why you would purchase a stable blanket.


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