Examples of Insecure Body Language

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Learn what fearful or insecure body language looks like and how to read body language in this free video on body language communication skills.

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Video Transcript

DR. MICHELLE COHEN: You may not want to exhibit the body behavior of fear, and fear can be shown in many different ways, from mild fear to sudden or sheer terror. Some people close up. They do all sorts of behaviors because, subconsciously, they're really fearful in a situation. So, again, if you're on an important job interview or meeting someone or trying to make a really good impression for the first time and you are uncomfortable, watch for these signs that you may be projecting. As actor Mark will show you, many of the bodily changes caused by fear make it really easy to detect. If you watch for things like dry mouth that maybe indicated by licking the lips, if someone's with you and they're constantly drinking water, and you'll see this in a lot of times in court rooms when people are on the stand they always provide water, they're constantly taking drinks of water because they're really scared. They're fearful. Also, rubbing of the throat, it's kind of a message that, "I can hardly breathe. I'm so scared." Of course, when you're with someone else, sometimes you don't look at that other person. You may have a trembling lip, varying speech tone. Sweating is another really important cue you can pick up from people. They're frequently wiping themselves because they are sweating or they may not be, but they're really hot and uncomfortable which, of course, is a physical symptom of feeling really fearful. Also, tension in the muscles, you may have clenched hands or arms, jerky movements, legs wrapped around things. You may find legs wrapped around table chairs or your chair that you're sitting in. Gasping and holding breath is another base. Someone who is trying to get breath or breathing deeply shows that they're trying to take control of their fear. Fidgeting is another big one, of course. And as I said, drawing of the limbs, crossing of the legs and arms, that means they're protecting themselves. They are showing fear, anxiety, and nervousness as Mark is exhibiting.


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