How to Appear Powerful with Body Language

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Learn how to appear in control and powerful with your body language and how to read body language in this free video on body language communication skills.

Part of the Video Series: How to Read Body Language
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Video Transcript

DR. MICHELLE COHEN: Many people who are in the public eye, in business or political situations come to me and say, "How can I appear more powerful and not offensive to others?" So there are several body tricks that you can use to appear more powerful with others. And as Dave and Mark will show you, these are some of the ways. To assert strong and powerful body language, one of the most common ways is with the handshake. As my actors will show you, the stronger person will usually move to the left side, be the first to extend their arm horizontally palm down and grab the other person's palm rather firmly, not too tight. To really show strength, you can also slowly pull that other person towards you and gently hold their elbow to further control them. Touching is also a powerful symbol, it can be threatening; it is used by leaders to demonstrate power many times. Powerful people sometimes pat or guide others on the shoulders and they can pat them. Also, they can allow them or encourage them to sit down and show where they are moving them in the room, as you see actors Mark and Dave. Not at each other, the powerful person will not avert their glance, they'll have a kind relaxed smile, their body language will be focused on that person. Also many times, people use verbal cues when they're trying to show strength and power. So if someone is speaking clearly and in a regular rhythm, you can sort of tell that people are rather confident and powerful when they're speaking. Also, when someone wants to make a point like I'm doing with my finger or my hands, sometimes this denotes power as well. Too out of control means that you're anxious but denoting power with a point or with a hand gesture can also mean power and strength.


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