How to Flirt with Body Language

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Learn how to flirt with body language signals and how to read body language in this free video on body language communication skills.

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Video Transcript

DR. MICHELLE COHEN: In my office, many times couples come to me and ask me about relationships and how to establish them and feel comfortable showing someone that you're interested in them. This is also important in social relationships as well as business relationships. So, I always advise them to do certain cues with their body in order to not come off awkward or intimidate another person. So, the first way I would say to attract someone's interest is to look at them with the eyes. Show eye contact interest without glaring or staring at them. So, let's say a gentleman's interested in a lady in a situation, I always suggest that they get their eye contact across the room for a short period of time, glance away, look back again; you'll get an eye cue if someone's interested in you or not. Same with business situations; if you need to talk to someone, you get their eye contact first and this is very important. As you can see right now, Dave and Natalie are in a position what I call "neutral" to each other. But if they'd like to show interest in each other, here are some of the things that they can do. First of all, they would face each other in their chairs, and as you can see Natalie is crossing her leg and she's looking towards David. David is looking towards her and they're establishing eye contact gently with each other. Now, another trick that women use sometimes to show interest, and I think this is totally subconscious sometimes, it's kind of a flicking or tossing of the hair. You've seen that done before. Sometimes, guys also indicate that they're interested in someone, they start kinda brushing themselves off or kind of adjusting their hair or whatever and that means, "I really want to look good for you." Another way to show someone you're interested in them is to lean towards them with your body language. Men sometimes use their upper arms or upper body because they want to show their strength; it's just kind of the way it always has been. And also, someone may subtly point at you with the foot, knee, arm or head, and also something else that is effective is slightly touching someone when you're talking to them, not grabbing or grasping, it's indicating, "I'm interested in you and I really hear what you're saying."


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