How to Make an Origami Envelope

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Easy paper folding instructions on how to make an origami envelope in this free how-to video clip lesson.

Part of the Video Series: Easy Origami Folding Instructions
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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Michael Webb on behalf of Expert Right now we are going to be making a little more practical design, which is an envelope, which can be used to, you know, store pretty much whatever you want. What we are going to do first is take a little change of pace and actually use a standard A4 sheet of paper and we are going to have it horizontally facing us, and just take it and make a horizontal fold long ways. Some call it hot dog style and just make that crease and open it back up; and on the bottom half only, you are going to want to make the same crease again and bring the bottom up to the center. Again, you want to take that and open it back up. Now on your very bottom fourth of the page, you want to take each corner and flip it up until your bottom edge meets that bottom crease that you just made; and do that for both sides. Now go ahead and tuck these under by moving this back up. Now go ahead and turn your paper over and you are going to flip it this way and make a crease and open it back up and move each edge back into the center of that crease. Now what you want to do is, you want to take your top here and you are going to fold it down. First go ahead and do that just to make a good crease, to seal that in and you are going to tuck each edge right here, under these flaps. Take a little bit of work and just kind of wiggle it on in there, go ahead and seal that crease again at the top and fold it inward and there you have an envelope which has pockets both in the front, and back, and on the inside, which can store your various little knick-knacks.


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