How to Clean & Maintain Your Miter Saw

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Learn how to clean and maintain a miter saw in this free DIY video.

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Video Transcript

In this next clip we are going to talk about cleaning and maintaining your miter saw. It is important that every time that you use your miter saw when you start it to put it up for the day that you clean off all the dust off the saw. The sawdust has sap in it from the tree and overtime the sap will bleed out and make the sawdust to stick to your saw and if you leave it on there for quite sometime, you are going to have a hard time getting that sawdust off your saw, it is going to leave just a gluey film on your saw. So if nothing else you need to get a rag every time you use it and wipe it off, I like to get a compressor with an air nozzle and blow all the sawdust off the saw. Another thing that you may do, if you do not have a compressor is to get a shop vac and something that will allow you to reverse the flow and you can blow it off that way or suck off as much as dust you can. However you do it, you should want to try to get as much dust off of the saw as possible. As far as caring for your blade, same principle, you know cutting saw material all the time and you have got the sawdust and all that sap coming out of the wood and it will stick to your blade especially on the backside of the teeth and overtime that is going to cause your blade not to cut very clean. I would like to get a rag with mineral spirits or paint thinner something along those lines and I will soak the rag and I will just wipe each individual tooth all the way around and that will cut that sap off the blade. And once you finish that, you are going to start having clean cuts again. As far as lubricants for your saw, I do not like to use spray lubricants on my saw, I like to use something like this graphite lubricant, it is a powdered lubricant and the difference is that graphite won’t attract the dust. Sometimes if you spray different solvent on the saw that will attract dust and it will stick there, so I would like to use graphite.


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