How to Cope Base Trim with a Miter Saw

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Learn how to properly cope base trim with a miter saw in this free DIY video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Use a Miter Saw
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Video Transcript

In this clip, we will be demonstrating how to cope a base on a 90 degrees corner with a miter saw and a coping saw. When you are coping in base, it really allows you to get a super tight corner, even if your walls are off a little bit, let say that it is a 95 degrees or 80 degrees, if you were cutting your miters you have to adjust until you find your right angle where your corner lines up, if you cope your material, it is a little more time it tends to make the cut but it fits every time, just perfect. So our first step will be to get our base, cut at the length and install it on the wall, but you want to cut anything, but you would only have a straight cut on one side and what we are going to do is we are going to cut this piece, so that the detail profile will match that and will fit in perfectly. The way we achieve that is this stays straight and we cut a 45 just like we would on a normal corner. So this is a coping saw and I will just follow this line all the way down, okay and there we have it. I have coped out that profile and you can see the angle matches. Get our piece here and perfect fit and it does not matter, the angle can be of either direction, you still end up with a really good joint. So if your walls are slightly out of square you are still going to have a perfect match right there.


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