How to Deal Texas Holdem

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Learn how to deal Texas Holdem in this free casino poker instructional video from our expert card player and professional casino gambler.

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Video Transcript

Now let's look how you deal Texas Holdem, start to finish. Let's say this white chip is the dealer button. In a casino setting you'll see a button that says the work "Dealer" on it. That indicates who is the theoretical dealer for the hand. Once we know where the button is the small blind and the big blind are placed. For our purposes, small blind is one chip, the big blind is two. Dealer will deal two cards to everyone including the theoretical dealer which designated by the button. Now the small blind and the big blind already have chips in the pot so the action passes over to the person to left of the big blind. This person looks at their cards, decides they want to call the big blind and so on. Everyone looks at their cards, decides if they want to fold, call or they can raise. Here we got four players who are going to see the flop. Dealer makes sure that the pot as we say "right." Then deals one card into the muck. This is called "burning one" and then turns the flop. There's your flop.


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