Opening Moves in the Game of Chess

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Learn some important tips for opening moves playing chess in this free instructional video on playing chess.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play Chess
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Video Transcript

Hello! My name is Ken and I am here to talk to you about playing chess. Now in the previous segments, we talked about the name of the pieces and the movement of the pieces. Now the way the game is initiated is white moves first and the first opening I am going to show you is the King's Pawn opening. In this opening, the King's Pawn moves 2 spaces out. That is your opening move. Now the other person has several moves but in most cases the black will also correspond with 2 moves out. The second move on this opening is the Knight, 1, 2 and over. Immediately the Knight is now attacking the Pawn because in the next move it will go over 1, 2 and over and take the Pawn and the object is take pieces and to eliminate these pieces and move towards getting the King. The next move in this opening and the corresponding move for the black is the Knight also. One, 2 out best protecting the Pawn because if I take this piece here, then the Knight will then take my piece here and I will be down a piece. By the way, these pieces have points and values which I will talk about in an upcoming segment. So some pieces are more important than others so Pawns are the least piece or 1 point a piece, the Knights and Bishops are 2 points, the Queen is 4 and the Rooks are 4 as well and of course, the King is the most important piece. So once again, 2 Pawns out for the King, King's Pawn opening following by the Knight, then followed by the Knight on this side and then the next opening is to move the Bishop out. There are two variations of this opening; the Bishop can move here or here and I will talk about that in the next segment.


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