How to Bet in Texas Hold'em Poker

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Learn poker today! All the rules and basic strategies of Texas Holdem are here in this free video on betting.

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In this section, we're going to cover betting. After all cards have been dealt to all the players that are currently in the hand, the first person to make a decision is the person immediately to left of the dealer button, denoted by the little blind. Here, the little blind has to decide if he wants to participate and attempt to see the flop. Notice that he has one dollar. One spot immediately to left has two dollars. If this this gentlemen, the little blind, wants to try to see the flop, he must put another dollar into the pot. By putting one dollar more, he has matched what the other big blind has been committed to and is now entitled to technically see the flop. The reason I mention "technically", is because, at any given event, any of the consecutive following players has the ability to make a "raise". A raise is considered an additional amount other than what was already in the pot. The following player, after the little blind is committed, is the big blind. The following player after the big blind has now another option. His option will be: either he can fold his cards away because he does not like his cards, therefore not being committed to this pot and will wait for the next hand, or he may place two dollars into the pot and see, hope to see a flop, assuming no one raises it, or he may decide to raise the pot. In this example, player three is going to fold his cards so he simply just throws them into the muck and the cards are thrown away. Player four is going to decide that he is going to raise his hand. He is going to raise it by throwing in four dollars into the pot. A raise must be at least double what the big blind is. In this example, the big blind was two dollars, the raise was made to four dollars. Now the action goes back to the dealer button. The dealer button, at this moment, has no money and is not committed into this pot. After he looks at his cards, he has to decide if he wants to a, fold his cards, b, call the four dollars now to see a flop, or make another raise himself. In this example, the dealer button will fold. Action now goes back to the little blind. He now has to make a decision if he wants to continue to play. He will have to either a, add another two dollars to this pot to complete the bet or he too may fold and only risk losing two dollars or he may raise it by raising it up to a minimum of eight. In both examples, players two and three are going to decide to just "call", meaning they are matching the four dollar bet and they will see a flop together.


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