The Basics of Tangram Shapes

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Here are the important basics about each of the seven tangram pieces. Learn about the sizes and angles of each of the pieces and see how they fit together to make a square in this free video clip on games.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play Tangram games
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Video Transcript

Tangrams are a set of seven different shapes. Among these seven shapes, are five triangles, a square and a parallelogram. Among the triangles, there are two large triangles, one medium triangle and two small triangles. Each of the triangles is a right triangle. The hypotenuse of each small triangle is equal to half of the hypotenuse of each large triangle. The same goes for the sides of the triangles. The side of one small triangle equals half of the side of one large triangle. Four small triangles can fit into one large triangle. The medium triangle is kind of like and odd ball of the triangle bunch. But, it still obeys laws of proportions. The side of the medium triangle is equal to half of the hypotenuse of the large triangle. The sides of the small triangle are equal to the sides of the square. The two small triangles fit twice into the parallelogram, the medium triangle and the square. Combined, the seven shapes can form a perfect square. The puzzle of tangrams is to try to make a larger shape with all seven shapes. At first, this can seem very difficult. But, once you learn the strategies tips and tricks of the game it becomes very fun. And, a lot easier. This series of videos on tangrams is going to tell you how to play it and how to be good at it.


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