The Best Way to Shave Your Legs


Learn the best method for shaving your legs with expert grooming tips in this free hair removal video clip.

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Video Transcript

In a upper direction and you do it in little strokes. So people just go all the way up but I personally think it is better just to do it in little strokes going up the leg. The reason why is because you have to keep rinsing out your razor. A lot of people don't like to do that but it is important to keep rinsing out your razor to get the most effective shave. Why are going in that direction? I go in this direction because it helps to get rid of the hair. If it goes there is a myth that you have to go in a downward direction. The thing that is kind of tricky about going in a downward direction is that you don't always get all the hair that way. I mean you can try it yourself and see how it works even if you do get the hair it cuts it when it is still short, it is going to be a little stud ball there. To guarantee that you don't have any stud ball you exfoliate and you shave in a upward direction and make sure it is gone completely. So you want to be extra careful in the knee area that is where a lot of use get our nix and cuts. How do you feel about electric verses? Electric is nice the only trick with electric is it can burn the legs sometimes which sucks. But it is nice, nice but it is also harder to use you can use shaving cream when you use electric cause it gets messy that way. I'm not saying that it is a bad thing when using shaving when you are shaving with a electric razor you want to use oil not cream or not gel, oil. Another thing is to make sure that you keep the blades clean and you constantly replace them. It is shaving oil if you go, you can even use baby oil if you want to and another thing is it is really good if you definitely use a mix like we talked about before where you exfoliate and use a combination of oil and salt and oil and sugar when use electric razors but there are fun you know. But just be careful you don't want to get any razor burns so make sure you use some sort of shaving oil when you are doing so and make sure you keep your blades clean.


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